Mlb Network Anniversary

In January 2024 we got hired to build 2 Baseball Players from the “Perfect Game” 1956 Don Larsen and Yogi Berra for the MLB Network 15th Anniversary , and we came up with this . Thanks MLB Network for the Opportunity . Check the video and pics below!


Balloon swag – Classic car

Summer of 2019, Bambaballoon was called to make a balloon installation in a Classic Vintage car, which was one of the projects in mind of David Lima, Our main brain in the company.

New balloon projects are always something Bambaballoon is looking forward to. If you have a project in mind , submit your request , and Bambaballoon will bring it to life.

Watch the video for the final results:


Organic wall

Organic Balloon backdrop for at a South Hamptons event.

“Organic balloon Backdrop”. It was used as backdrop for instagram photos at an awesome event for SioBeauty. 6Wx7H


David Lima receives an international award at “Twist & Shout” balloon competition

Every year, around 300 Balloon Twisters from all over the globe get together for “Twist and Shout” Balloon Convention, Where They learn and compete in different categories of Balloon sculpture. a real show of balloon finest art.


Small artistic balloon sculpture award at “Twist & balloon” competition 2015, Las Vegas,NV.

The competition happened in Las Vegas this year, and David Lima took one award back home at this time.

Entry for "Twist and Shout" medium size balloon sculpture competition

Entry for “Twist and Shout” medium size balloon sculpture competition


David Lima had a “Mom and Baby” theme represented by Penguins for the Small artistic balloon sculpture ,and by Elephants for the Medium artistic balloon Sculpture. The penguins were titled “feeding Jonah” in honor of David Lima’s youngest son , and the elephants were named “Run Luka” in honor of his oldest son.



David says:

I would like to thank God , my Wife and  family, and everyone who supported Bambaballoon and my dreams.

3rd place- Small artistic balloon sculpture at  "Twist & Shout " international competition 2015, Las Vegas,NV.

3rd place- Small artistic balloon sculpture at “Twist & Shout ” international competition 2015, Las Vegas,NV.





“The Beatles” made out of balloons – “Abbey Road”



This Last May 3rd was the bday of David’s son. We celebrated with a Beatles theme.

David Lima says: My son sees all kinds of balloons coming out of the bambaballoon studios and on the now it  was his turn to get a Huge sculpture.

After 25 hours , over 200 hundred balloons, and a lot of planning on the design, David came up with this awesome Life size master piece, inspired by one of the great bands in the world, “The Beatles” .

Bambaballoon can custom make sculptures for you too, Order it now. We love challenges. Thanks for checking it out.