Mlb Network Anniversary

In January 2024 we got hired to build 2 Baseball Players from the “Perfect Game” 1956 Don Larsen and Yogi Berra for the MLB Network 15th Anniversary , and we came up with this . Thanks MLB Network for the Opportunity . Check the video and pics below!

Live Balloon Twisting Photos

Bambaballoon also offer super fun Live Balloon Twisting/Balloon animals. With a variety of Balloon Sculptures. David Lima Takes Balloon animal to the next level , and your guests will be amazed by all the Crazy creations walking around your event. Wow affect is the goal. The minimum time required is 2 hours, but the guests usually don’t want us to leave. Try to book it for the entire event if possible. Balloons are great for any occasion.

Some of Faces were blurred due Image rights. If you have any pictures of our events please send it to Us.

If you would like to get an estimate or book us now, please fill out our online form.


Balloon swag – Classic car

Summer of 2019, Bambaballoon was called to make a balloon installation in a Classic Vintage car, which was one of the projects in mind of David Lima, Our main brain in the company.

New balloon projects are always something Bambaballoon is looking forward to. If you have a project in mind , submit your request , and Bambaballoon will bring it to life.

Watch the video for the final results:


Organic wall

Organic Balloon backdrop for at a South Hamptons event.

“Organic balloon Backdrop”. It was used as backdrop for instagram photos at an awesome event for SioBeauty. 6Wx7H