1_ Why choose Balloon art for my event?

Our balloon sculptures  brings Joy , and smiles to your event. Our Super artistics  balloons will make your event more fun with Live twisting or/and Custom made sculptures.

2_ How Much Does Bambaballoon charge for Custom made Sculptures?

Our sculptures can take hours or sometimes days to make. We usually ask for a budget from our clients , and We usually maximize and go overboard with our clients expectations. The sculptures can go from couple hundreds to Thousands depending on size, number of people to make it, difficulty , transportation to the venue, etc. Since they have a short life We have to build them always 2 to 4 days before the event. We from Bambaballoon will do our best to make them unique for every event.

3_How long Does the Live balloon twisting take?

We usually do 10-12 Fancy balloons per hour, and we ask for a minimum of 2 hours per event.

4_What services Does Bambaballoon provide?

We provide Custom made sculptures, Big sculpture performance, Line Twisting performance( Every guest gets a balloons), balloon twisting Workshop, Balloon dresses, Balloon costumes.


5_Are the balloon sculptures on the website the same you twist at events?

Some of them are. Most of them will have to be ordered in advance, due the time it takes to make them. They work great for events, Tv Commercials, Raves, Festivals, since they can be made in Larger size too.

6_Are  balloons biodegradable?

Yes, they biodegrade as fast as leafs.


7_Do you do latex-free balloons?

No. Unfortunately, They haven’t created any material that can be twisted as good as balloons.

8_Do you do Balloons for adult events?

Absolutely! Adult events are just as fun as the kids events. Adults will bring their childhood back with balloons, and everyone is happy around balloons.

9_Why hire balloon twisting at stores/restaurants?

That would keep the guests entertained while they wait for their food , bring more regular clients with a great combination of awesome service. In the case of balloons in stores. The clients will have a great customer experience with awesome pieces of balloon art, they swill  stay in the store longer, and shop around while they wait for a balloon. Win-Win experience for everyone.