Organic wall

Organic Balloon backdrop for at a South Hamptons event.

“Organic balloon Backdrop”. It was used as backdrop for instagram photos at an awesome event for SioBeauty. 6Wx7H

Fall Season and balloons

Custom made balloon installation for an adult party

Custom made balloon installation for an adult party


Summer is over, and with the beginning of Fall different colors start coming up, and also Haloween and the Holiday seasons sooner than you think.

It was a great summer for Bambaballoon with a lot of fun Projects. David Lima came up with some great and fun creations, also was selected to be a balloon twisting instructor in an awesome convention in Las Vegas called “Bling Bling Jam”.

A new thing this year was also the introduction of balloons inside “Toys”R”Us” stores aroun New Jersey and New York. (Schedule posted on the website)

More new amazing creations are coming, and it could easily be in your event with lots of smiles that balloons bring.

Bambaballoon focus on real pieces of art when it comes to balloons, and their goal is to show real pieces of art and take challenges all the time.

Life is happier with balloons.

Enjoy your day, and make the best of it.

Bride and groom Installation

Bride and groom balloon installation

Bride and groom made for a special request. The installation of the sculptures was made with over 500 balloons and 40 hours of fun twisting. David Takes balloons with his soul, and worked in every single detail possible, in order to come up with a great sculpture. The interesting part of balloon sculptures is that whatever you have in mind won’t concretize until you see the final results. David says that it is like giving life to latex.

This life size sculpture was delivered to a happy client in New york for her daughter’s extra special bridal shower. This is a little bit of sculptures that can be done. You can also make your event extra special with custom made sculptures. Be the next one. Thanks for checking us out.

Bride and groom balloon(40 hours sculpture)

Bride and groom balloon(40 hours sculpture)

Balloon Twisting Work Shop

In this 1.5 hrs. workshop the attendees will learn how to twist their own balloon creations. There won’t be a dull moment with David as he teaches the students how to use their imagination, and creativity.   Students will utilize their sequencing skills, and discover their artistic flair.  Working with David, students discover the magic and joy of  balloons, the art of entertaining, and  gain confidence in their presentational skills.
The attendees will take part in real balloon jams. Their  ideas and imagination will be sparked.  Attendees will also be given the techniques and tools they need to create their very own sculptures!  Students will acquire beginning techniques of the art of twisting by the end of this workshop.  They will also laugh, enjoy, and ignite their creativity.

The workshop is great tool for any event including after school programs, libraries, School camps, camps, corporate events, or any get together you think of.